Beth Brockland

Vice President, Workplace Solutions
Financial Health Network

As Vice President of Workplace Solutions, Beth provides research and advisory services to help employers improve worker financial health and business outcomes. Beth and her team conduct research to understand workers’ financial health challenges and develop solutions for employers to address unmet needs. Beth also advises HR leaders and employee benefits providers on designing and implementing effective financial health programs.

Beth joined the Financial Health Network because she was drawn to its mission of financial health for all. Her accomplishments include developing the Employer FinHealth Toolkit, an all-in-one resource for HR leaders committed to improving the financial health of their workforces, and overseeing a portfolio of projects to help employers and benefits providers improve worker financial health. She also supports the organization’s efforts to integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion into business practices as a member of the DEI Committee.

Previously, Beth served  as a lead organizer for a community-based membership organization in Long Island, New York. She also worked as a consultant for a Guatemalan human rights and development organization, and participated in a national leadership program focused on fighting hunger and poverty as a Bill Emerson National Hunger Fellow.

Beth earned a Master of Business Administration degree from the Yale School of Management and a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. 

 Beth Brockland

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