We imagine a future where all people can thrive financially.

The Financial Health Network unites industries, business leaders, policymakers, innovators, and visionaries in a shared mission to improve financial health for all.

About Our Work

The Financial Health Network has invested nearly two decades in uncovering what works to advance financial health and shape meaningful improvements in people’s financial lives, particularly those that are most vulnerable.


Sharing insights that help employers, business leaders, policymakers, and community leaders improve the financial well-being of individuals and communities.


Empowering 100+ organizations to understand financial health needs, develop solutions, and measure outcomes for 22+ million customers, patients, and employees.


Investing in partnerships and companies who are developing technology-led financial health solutions to reach 10+ million customers, at least half of whom are low- to moderate-income.


Cultivating a community of thousands of cross-sector leaders and hundreds of Member organizations for cross-sector collaboration through podcasts, events, and thought leadership.

We believe that...

Financial health should be accessible to all.

Communities that have historically been marginalized deserve opportunities to build resilience and thrive. We work with researchers, companies, fintechs, and nonprofits to develop solutions that will help all people improve their financial well-being.

Financial health should be accessible to all.
Improved financial health is good for business.

Improved financial health is good for business.

Financially healthy customers offer new opportunities for increased engagement, loyalty, and long-term revenue streams. Financially healthy employees result in better productivity, retention, and workplace satisfaction. We work with companies and organizations to show them how.

Meaningful improvements require an integrated, cross-sector approach.

Financial health for all people requires systemic change. Systemic change requires the cooperation of community advocates, business leaders, policy makers, and tech innovators. We work to break down silos within organizations and across sectors in building a financial health movement.


Meaningful improvements require an integrated, cross-sector approach.
Financial health innovation isn’t just about technology.

Financial health innovation isn’t just about technology.

Innovation takes many forms, including emerging technologies like AI and machine learning, but it also takes dynamic partnerships between communities, businesses, nonprofits, and government. We’re committed to putting people first and ensuring technology is used responsibly.

Deep consumer insights and measurements are key.

We know that what gets measured gets managed. To provide better financial health offerings for customers, employees, and communities, we must have robust metrics to track financial health and follow impact over time.

Deep consumer insights and measurements are key.

Our Core Values


We measure outcomes thoughtfully and seek constant improvement, knowing our work has potential to impact millions of lives.


A diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment allows every employee to feel welcome, safe, heard, and valued.


We are authentic, honest, and communicate openly. Transparency and open feedback builds trust and collaboration across teams for optimized impact.


We proactively challenge assumptions and seek out new ideas, bringing fresh approaches and thoughtful risk-taking to work.


Our team holds ourselves to high standards of productivity and decisiveness. With each goal achieved, we raise the bar higher.


We each personally invest in the success of the Financial Health Network and the achievement of its mission.

Impact and Collaboration

Over 200 million financial lives have been impacted by our network of dedicated companies and organizations.

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A Commitment to All

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our commitment to improving financial health for all is guided by the core belief that the ability to build financial resilience and thrive should be accessible to everyone,especially people and communities that have been historically marginalized.

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Education is among our core functions, with institutional goals to foster both consumer awareness and professional responsiveness when it comes to financial health and economic systems.

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