Workers across the country at all income levels are struggling with their finances – and increasingly looking to their employers for solutions. The Financial Health Network helps employers make informed decisions about the most effective financial health solutions for their teams. Like you, we care most about what works.

Financial stress of employees can have negative effects on work performance, retention, and worker satisfaction, therefore it is essential for employers to implement solutions to improve their overall business environment.

78% of employees with high financial stress say it impacts them at work.

Fewer than 1/3 of workers have access to benefits that help them with critical financial needs.

42% of employees do not feel adequately informed about the benefits and programs their employers offer.

The Financial Health Network is committed to helping organizations explore, design, and implement solutions to address the needs of their employees to build a stronger and more resilient workforce.

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 Workplace Financial Health Innovation: Rolling Out an Earned Wage Access Program for Your Employees

Workplace Financial Health Innovation: Rolling Out an Earned Wage Access Program for Your Employees

Employers, benefits platforms, regulators, and employees are paying more attention to earned wage access (EWA) products for their potential to improve employee financial health. Employers can maximize the positive outcomes of EWA products by minimizing associated fees, explaining the program mechanics to employees, and providing a complementary suite of financial resources.

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Employer FinHealth Toolkit

Build better employee financial health strategies with this comprehensive toolkit for HR professionals. This online toolkit offers a step-by-step guide for measuring and improving employee financial health by helping employers diagnose needs, identify solutions, design for engagement, and measure impact.

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Employer FinHealth Toolkit

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