Financial Solutions Lab

Financial Solutions Lab

The Financial Solutions Lab was established in 2014 to cultivate, support, and scale innovative ideas that help improve financial health. We are focused on solutions that support people facing acute and persistent financial health challenges, including low- to moderate-income individuals and Black and Latinx communities. 

The Financial Health Network manages the Financial Solutions Lab in collaboration with founding partner JPMorgan Chase with support from Prudential Financial.

New Solutions for Underrepresented Communities

Acute, wide-scale financial health challenges require collaborative solutions. Technology has the potential to expand access to affordable financial products for consumers across a range of incomes and demographics. The Financial Solutions Lab serves as a meeting place for fintechs and nonprofits to exchange insights, explore new solutions, and scale existing products and services that address the needs of underrepresented communities. 

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The Financial Solutions Lab focuses relentlessly on cultivating innovative ideas and building products and services that embrace inclusion, build trust, create opportunity, and solve important financial challenges. We offer support to fintech and nonprofit leaders to build actionable solutions, growing a network of innovators that directly impact the lives of everyday people. 

Learn about our upcoming challenges for fintechs and nonprofits and explore our latest research on our website.

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