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The Financial Health Pulse provides regular updates and actionable insights about financial health in America. Using ongoing surveys and transactional data, we explore consumer trends to understand how the financial health of U.S. households is changing over time.
Financial Health Pulse: 2021 U.S. Trends Report
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Financial Health Pulse: 2021 U.S. Trends Report

Discover how Americans’ financial health outcomes have changed as COVID-19 continued to create unprecedented disruptions.

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Tracking Financial Health Challenges

Ongoing research on the financial health of everyday Americans can help document both persistent and growing financial health challenges in communities across the country. The rich data from the Financial Health Pulse aims to inform future policy initiatives and encourage innovative ideas, introducing opportunities for policymakers, employers, and businesses to create solutions that empower everyone to financially thrive. 

Download the Pulse survey data sets and questionnaires, and explore transactional data trends nationally and by demographic groups.

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Tracking Financial Health Challenges
Financial Health Research
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Financial Health Research

Since launching the Financial Health Pulse in 2018, the Financial Health Network has measured the financial health of Americans through our annual Trends Report. These yearly reports provide a nuanced look at how financial health serves as an economic indicator for the country at large. In addition, the Financial Health Pulse offers regular snapshots on the most pressing financial health issues of the moment, from pandemic-related challenges to stimulus check spending. 

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The Financial Health Pulse initiative is made possible through generous support from funders, partners, and advisors who share our commitment to improving financial health.