Healthcare costs and medical debt adversely affect the financial lives of millions of vulnerable Americans each year, while financially struggling patients often experience worse health outcomes. Delivering better healthcare requires prioritizing patient financial health. Learn more about the intersection of health and financial health and discover new strategies to better support your patients, members, customers, or communities.

Medical Debt Strains Financial Health

By supporting the healthcare industry with data-driven financial health insights, strategies, and solutions, the Financial Health Network empowers hospitals, healthcare providers, and insurers to improve patient outcomes financially, fostering loyalty and trust within the communities they serve.

~1 in 6 Americans (18%) report medical debt in collections as of June 2020.

$140+ billion in medical debt burdens patients and their families across the country.

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Preventing Medical Debt: Recommendations for Employers

This report shines a light on employer decisions around health insurance and how those decisions have helped shape the medical debt crisis, explaining specific actions employers should take now to reduce employee financial stress while improving productivity and retention.

Preventing Medical Debt: Recommendations for Insurers

This report shows how the shifting health insurance landscape has helped shape the medical debt crisis, identifying specific actions insurers should take now to boost Americans’ confidence in their coverage and motivate them to pursue timely care that reduces the need for costlier services.

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