Shaping Progress for Millions

Over 200 million financial lives have been impacted by our network of dedicated companies and organizations committed to improving financial health for all. 

Driving the financial health movement forward since 2004.

For nearly two decades, we’ve connected business leaders, policymakers, and innovators with the data and resources they need to improve the financial lives of their customers, employees, and communities.

Our Membership program consists of companies working to improve finhealth for their customers and employees on a daily basis.

Using our measurement framework, the FinHealth Score, companies in our Leaders Program can track their finhealth impact over time.

Our Financial Solutions Lab supports startups and nonprofits with solutions to scale their programs that are designed help low- to moderate- income people.

Our Accelerator program works directly in helping identify, develop, and scale fintech solutions. How over 10 million customers have been effected by one of the best accelerators in the industry.

Real Change for Real People

By championing collaboration across roles, organizations, and industries, we uncover solutions that drive meaningful change for real people at scale.

Securing Student Loan Forgiveness

With help from Financial Solutions Lab (FSL) partner Summer, public servant Nicole successfully navigated the process to secure $148,967 in student loan forgiveness and immediately raise her credit score by 70 points.

Supporting Black-Owned Businesses

With a black-owned business grant and technology support from FSL partner Finli, Dr. Ebony kept her yoga business afloat through the pandemic with virtual classes.

Debt Relief and Refund Payments

When Meghan needed help securing student loan forgiveness, Financial Solutions Lab partner Summer stepped in to help her navigate the process, work with loan servicers, and ultimately qualify for $37,000 in debt relief and $11,000 in refunded payments.

2021 Impact Snapshot

Shaping the Future of Financial Health

Take a look back at how the Financial Health Network shaped the landscape of financial health in the last year, bringing together thousands of business and policy leaders to improve the financial lives of vulnerable people through another unpredictable year.


Shaping the Future of Financial Health

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