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While innovation has led to many new options for consumers to instantly spend and receive money, these tools remain out of reach for millions who are underbanked or struggling to access their funds efficiently and affordably. Learn about the Financial Health Network’s enduring commitment to frictionless transactions for all, plus research and resources for providers seeking to improve payments for their customers and communities.

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Solving the Cash Crunch

The Financial Health Network uncovers three ways providers can help small businesses access check funds and manage cash flow successfully.


2021 Advance Child Tax Credit

Direct government payments can provide meaningful support for the financial health of households. In the case of the 2021 expansion of the Child Tax Credit (CTC), advance CTC payments reduced monthly child poverty by nearly 30%, according to research from Columbia University.

FinHealth Spend Report 2022

This year’s annual FinHealth Spend Report examines how households in America managed their finances and accessed credit during the second year of the pandemic, analyzing year-over-year trends for more than two dozen financial products and services.

The Financial Health Network Announces Child Tax Credit Research

Challenges continue to impede the distribution of Child Tax Credit payments, especially for those who could benefit from them the most. The Financial Health Network will undertake research, supported by VISA, to determine how long CTC recipients might have waited to receive their payment, how much they might have spent in fees to access their payment, and how they ultimately used their payment.

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