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The Financial Health Network offers in-depth analysis and consumer perspectives you won’t find elsewhere, helping to inform and guide your organization in building its financial health strategy.

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  • The majority of households in the United States are not financially healthy and need innovative solutions to build a stronger financial future.
  • Financial health policies and products built around data can drive better outcomes for consumers and businesses.
  • The Financial Health Network is the leading authority investigating and reporting on critical financial health needs and disparities in the United States.

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FinHealth Spend Report 2022

This year’s annual FinHealth Spend Report examines how households in America managed their finances and accessed credit during the second year of the pandemic, analyzing year-over-year trends for more than two dozen financial products and services.

Financial Solutions Lab
 Workplace Financial Health Innovation: Rolling Out an Earned Wage Access Program for Your Employees

Workplace Financial Health Innovation: Rolling Out an Earned Wage Access Program for Your Employees

Employers, benefits platforms, regulators, and employees are paying more attention to earned wage access (EWA) products for their potential to improve employee financial health. Employers can maximize the positive outcomes of EWA products by minimizing associated fees, explaining the program mechanics to employees, and providing a complementary suite of financial resources.

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Research Capabilities

Access Proprietary Data
The Financial Health Network is the only organization actively assessing financial health for millions of consumers. Our Financial Health Pulse dataset includes anonymized transaction and survey data to help organizations establish benchmarks for their customers or employees, identify unmet needs, and consider new opportunities. 

Uncover Trends and Insights
Through critical consumer research, practical data analysis, and timely reporting on financial health trends with insights for driving impact, our organization has earned its reputation as the financial health authority trusted by media, business, nonprofit, and policy leaders around the world. 

Commission Custom Research
Learn more about the financial needs, preferences, and actions of your customers and employees, and identify opportunities to improve financial health outcomes for underserved groups, with custom research engagements designed and facilitated by experienced consumer research and data analysis teams.

Sponsor a Report
Empower financial health research in areas that matter most for your people, your business, and your communities. We continuously conduct research, analyze data, and publish reports on critical financial health topics, with much of our work made possible through generous support from sponsor organizations.

Learn About Policy Issues
The rapid transformation of the financial ecosystem has raised new and pressing policy issues, from rising standards for quality in financial products and responsible consumer data use. Explore our extensive library of research, or commission custom research on a policy area that’s meaningful to your organization.

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Learn more about sponsoring upcoming research or requesting custom data to meet your organization’s needs.

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