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Financial Health Measurement

Measuring the financial health of your customers, employees, and communities is a critical step in driving success for both your business and those you serve. The Financial Health Network has the innovative tools and research to help you get started. 

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Why Measure Financial Health?

Narrow metrics, like credit scores, don’t offer a full picture of a person’s finances. At the Financial Health Network, we’ve developed a holistic framework to assess an individual’s overall financial health and resilience. 

  • More than two-thirds of Americans are not financially healthy and are looking to employers and businesses for help. 
  • By diagnosing and tracking customer and employee financial health, organizations can develop products and services that make a difference while also delivering business benefits. 
  • As the pioneer of financial health measurement, the Financial Health Network helps organizations precisely measure financial health, identify needs, and assess their efforts against industry benchmarks.

Measurement Capabilities

Define Individual FinHealth Scores
Our FinHealth Score® Toolkit provides a snapshot of your customers’ or employee’s financial health, with a simple-to-use survey that assigns a score on an intuitive 100-point scale. 

Assess Financial Health in Minutes
For visionary organizations that want to optimize for financial health, our Attune insights platform can help measure the financial health of customers and employees faster.

Leverage Your Own Data
Learn how to complement survey tools, like the FinHealth Score Toolkit, with your own administrative data to gain the most complete of customer and employee financial health. 

Compare Against Benchmarks
Our proprietary Financial Health Pulse dataset provides deep insights into the financial health of Americans, allowing you to compare your own efforts against national levels or demographic groups.

“The FinHealth Score Toolkit is allowing us to gather new customer insights through measurement work. We are using the tool exactly as is – it connects perfectly to our mission and goals.”

Michael Cyr
VP Consumer Products

Our Measurement Tools and Programs

The FinHealth Score provides you with an easy-to-use framework to help you measure the financial health of your customers and employees.

Start Measuring

Easily incorporate financial health insights into your business intelligence, helping you innovate and address customer needs faster with Attune.

Explore Attune

Using ongoing surveys and transactional data, we explore consumer trends to understand how the financial health of U.S. households is changing over time.

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