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Insights from the behavioral sciences can bring unprecedented clarity to consumer decision-making, enabling businesses to shape better financial health products for their customers, employees, and communities. Learn how the Financial Health Network is illuminating barriers created by behavioral biases and explore real-world solutions for improving financial health for all.

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Making Client Voice Part of the Design Process: Behavioral Insights Elevate Flexibility and Simplicity in Financial Health Tools

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, many families across America were struggling to make ends meet. But they still have big hopes and dreams today, from getting a car to finding better job opportunities to buying a home. To achieve any of these goals, saving and credit-building are two critical steps toward financial stability and self-determination. And at the current moment of societal upheaval, financial stability is not just nice-to-have, but vital. Presented by Capital One

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Leading With Behavioral Insights

Behavioral insights from the Financial Health Network drive the product development efforts for many of our Member companies through the Financial Health Leaders Lab, a Member-exclusive program funded with the generous support of the MetLife Foundation.

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From designing and delivering financial health products to measuring and optimizing their effectiveness, the Financial Health Network can provide targeted support at every stage of your financial health journey. Leveraging deep financial services expertise and insight into how consumers make financial decisions, we partner with organizations to design solutions that meet the specific financial health needs of their stakeholders.

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