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Build a better financial future for your customers, employees, communities, and business as a Financial Health Network Member. 

If you’re committed to transforming your company into a force for good, we invite you to join our community of over 170 organizations leading the financial health movement. Membership provides the connections, resources, and support you need to strengthen your business and the financial well-being of those you serve.

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Why Financial Health?

With the majority of Americans struggling financially in the wake of the pandemic, both consumers and workers are calling on businesses to step up. Prioritizing financial health can help you achieve real business outcomes – like customer loyalty, employee retention, and sustainable revenue – while forging the path toward a more equitable world.

⅔ of Americans are not Financially Healthy

Customers who believe their financial institution cares about their financial health are 3X more likely to recommend it to friends and family

60% of workers would be more likely to stay at a job that offered useful financial wellness benefits

Why Join the Financial Health Network?

We launched the financial health movement in 2004 to bring together leaders who have the opportunity and the responsibility to create financial health for their stakeholders.  No matter where you are in your journey – whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been measuring financial health for years, our community is ready to support you and your work. 

Meet Our Members

Meet Our Members

Although our Members are businesses, our focus is people. Behind every Member organization is a group of dedicated people who want to continually learn and connect.

When your business becomes a Financial Health Network Member, everyone in your organization is welcomed into our exclusive community. Our Members represent diverse organizations, including Fortune 100 banks, credit unions, employers, and innovators all dedicated to promoting finhealth.  

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How Membership Works

The Member experience follows the framework of our Financial Health Maturity Assessment Program (FinHealth MAP), which gives your organization a roadmap to advance as a finhealth business. Once you have this clear snapshot of next steps, we support you as you take four key actions – learn, connect, inspire, and innovate – to achieve your goals. 

Learn the Latest Insights
Get game-changing insights that position your organization to stand out in the marketplace, increase customer loyalty, and boost employee productivity sooner than you thought possible – and sooner than the competition.

Connect With Fellow Members
There’s simply no substitute for building relationships with others who are professionally and personally committed to promoting financial health. This invaluable membership benefit puts you face-to-face with fellow Members through a variety of interactive, memorable, and fun events.

Inspire Your Team
Membership is designed to inspire your organization’s leaders while providing resources that help them rally employees throughout your organization. We make it easy for you to drive positive impact and receive recognition for your finhealth efforts.

Innovate Through FinHealth
As more organizations address the finhealth challenges affecting people across America, we provide ongoing opportunities to develop, test, and learn about innovations that could benefit your customers, employees, and business.

2022 Featured Benefits

Easily Collect and Analyze FinHealth Data
Receive free limited access to Attune, a Financial Health Network platform that automatically collects and analyzes finhealth data for your customers and employees so that you can make informed decisions.

Test and Optimize Your Solutions
Through our Member-exclusive Financial Health Leaders Lab program, Members work with our dedicated behavioral economics and measurement experts to test innovative solutions and highlight their findings in published research briefs.

Align Your Team Through Customized Trainings
Most memberships provide access to one virtual workshop session annually. Members choose the topic that’s most relevant to their business – such as measurement, behavioral economics, or equity in finhealth – and invite their colleagues to learn directly from our subject matter experts.

Benefits for Diverse Member Organizations
Is your company a large employer, financial services provider, or nonprofit? Our wide variety of Member benefits help position all organizations for finhealth success, regardless of size, business model, or industry expertise.

Members Come in Many Shapes and Sizes

When you’re investing in financial health, you need to focus on the right areas to drive both customer and business outcomes. The Member experience is designed to always keep you on the path to results by connecting you with like-minded organizations. 

Here is a snapshot of some of our Members’ characteristics: 

Our Members include businesses in financial services, large employers, and related industries that play a role in advancing financial health for customers, employees, and communities. 

From startups to large corporations, we serve organizations of all sizes.

We welcome Members worldwide. Current Members are headquartered in North America, Europe, and Australia.

Each Member organization is committed to measuring the financial health of its customers and/or employees and continually working toward better outcomes for all.

Take the First Step

Take the First Step

Membership is by invitation only. Complete the quick form below, and we will be in touch shortly.

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