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Explore data-driven and qualitative consumer research to guide effective financial health decisions. Our free research library includes rich primary data from our proprietary Financial Health Pulse, market spending analyses, financial health measurement resources, and in-depth consumer profiles.

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FinHealth Spend Report 2021

With this report – an evolution of our Financially Underserved Market Size Study – we shed light on how much households paid for a variety of everyday financial products and services in 2020, through lenses of financial health, income, race, and ethnicity.

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FinHealth Spend Report 2022

This year’s annual FinHealth Spend Report examines how households in America managed their finances and accessed credit during the second year of the pandemic, analyzing year-over-year trends for more than two dozen financial products and services.

Financial Health Pulse
 Pulse Points: Savings Dwindled as Spending Increased in Q4 2021

Pulse Points: Savings Dwindled as Spending Increased in Q4 2021

Consumers spent more money on recreation and eating out during the 2021 holiday season than during the 2020 holiday season, but many remain vulnerable as government relief programs expire and inflation continues. This brief examines the factors that may shape financial health in the early months of 2022.

3 Ways To Measure the FinHealth Effects of Emergency Savings

This research was produced by the Financial Health Network in collaboration with BlackRock’s Emergency Savings Initiative (ESI). ESI is a cross-sector program with a mission to help people living on low to moderate incomes gain access to and increase usage of proven savings strategies and tools – ultimately helping them establish an important safety net.

The Financial Health Network Announces Child Tax Credit Research

Challenges continue to impede the distribution of Child Tax Credit payments, especially for those who could benefit from them the most. The Financial Health Network will undertake research, supported by VISA, to determine how long CTC recipients might have waited to receive their payment, how much they might have spent in fees to access their payment, and how they ultimately used their payment.

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