Tom Akana

Advisor and Research Fellow
Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

As an advisor and research fellow, Tom Akana focuses on consumer decision-making, payment products, and the impact of technology and regulation on consumer payment habits. In the Consumer Finance Institute, Tom draws on 20+ years of experience in the consumer lending industry to examine how established tools interact with new ideas to influence consumer behavior.

Tom joined the Reserve Bank in 2018, publishing papers relating to consumer payment choice, innovative financial products for immigrant communities, and consumer contactless payment adoption. In 2020, he launched and managed the CFI COVID-19 Survey of Consumers to track the effects of the pandemic on employment, income, and spending habits. The survey has generated a series of special reports and research briefs shedding light on the financial progression of the pandemic at the consumer level.

Tom has a bachelor’s degree in American studies and psychology from Georgetown University.

 Tom Akana

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