Eric Wilson

Senior Associate

Eric Wilson believes that rigorous analysis is key to helping the financial industry orient around financial health. As a Senior Associate at the Financial Health Network, he brings his in-depth knowledge of finance and public policy to his research and consulting projects, transforming complex data into tangible insights about how best to support the financially struggling.

Eric earned his Bachelor of Arts from Middlebury College and his Master of Public Policy from UC Berkeley. After graduating from Middlebury, he joined an in-house consulting group at a law firm in DC, where his research work supported litigation related to the subprime mortgage crisis, securities fraud, and the financial elements of national security. During his graduate studies, he worked with the CFPB to investigate credit discrimination and to understand mortgage market dynamics.

Eric is an athlete, a musician, and a reader. He loves skiing, playing the piano, and crossword puzzles. A native of Portland, Oregon and a former resident of California and Vermont, he appreciates mountainous skylines. Now that he lives in Chicago, he understands the beauty of cityscapes as well.

Recent research from Eric Wilson