Cross-Sector Solutions: A Guide to Nonprofit-Fintech Partnerships
By working together, fintechs and nonprofits can offer consumers a powerful combination of tech solutions and supportive relationships with trusted partners – all with the goal of building financial health. In this guide, we share best practices and real-life success stories from the Financial Health Network’s Nonprofit-Fintech Exchange.

Josh Sledge, Senior Director, Financial Health Network
Tanya Ladha, Director, Financial Health Network

Top Takeaways

Through the Nonprofit-Fintech Exchange, we’ve developed insights and best practices to help other organizations build successful partnerships of their own. This guide includes:

Success stories from the program’s nine groundbreaking pilot partnerships

Common motivations for nonprofit-fintech partnerships and ways to collaborate

A step-by-step guide to successful collaborations, from partner selection and program design through pilot and iteration

Interested in Exploring Nonprofit-Fintech Partnerships?

Join the Nonprofit-Fintech Exchange, a marketplace for interested nonprofit and fintech providers to explore collaboration and swap insights on building high-impact partnerships. Membership is free, and we’re currently accepting new organizations.

Learn more about the Exchange and request to join here. 

Our Supporters

This guide is made possible through the generous support of the Financial Solutions Lab – a joint initiative between the Financial Health Network and JPMorgan Chase – and the Principal Foundation.

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