Behavioral Insights

Financial Health Leaders Lab: Innovation Highlights

Developing and testing innovative solutions is key to advancing financial health. That’s the driving force behind the Financial Health Leaders Lab – a program that supports the groundbreaking work of organizations at the forefront of financial health measurement, like those profiled here.

Finding Out What Works

Finding Out What Works

How do companies supporting the financial health of their customers and employees know which interventions are most effective? Here, we explore how a behavioral team operates within a financial services company to develop insights to create effective financial health solutions.

Motivating Change: Behavioral Economics and Financial Health

By Heidi Johnson Director, Financial Health Network Director Heidi Johnson joined the Financial Health Network team in 2019 to lead our work applying behavioral insights to the design and delivery of financial health products. She comes to our organization from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, where she led a behavioral research program and contributed to…

How to Manage Money in a Pandemic: A Behavioral Research-Based Approach

By Heidi Johnson, Director, Behavioral Economics, Financial Health Network In the past few weeks, record-breaking numbers of people have filed claims for unemployment as industries shut down in response to the novel coronavirus. Millions of people have very suddenly and unexpectedly lost their jobs or substantial portions of their income. While policymakers are responding by…