Corey Stone

Entrepreneur in Residence

Corey has had a long association with the Financial Health Network, first advising on its inception, then leading one of its early fintech investees (Pay Rent, Build Credit), and then as a Fellow. Now, as Entrepreneur in Residence he supports Financial Solutions Lab cohort companies, advises on consumer data sharing and our other research and policy development efforts, and writes about the consumer finance ecosystem in a blog post and elsewhere.

Most recently Corey was part of the stand-up executive team at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, where he built an office responsible for providing real-world intelligence, analysis, industry outreach, and policy guidance in the markets for consumer deposits, credit reporting, small dollar credit, remittances, debt collections. Before leading PRBC he was EVP at American Payment Systems, which he helped become the country’s largest in-person bill payment network and launch one of the first reloadable prepaid debit cards. He began his career as a consultant and Partner at Easton Consultants in Stamford, CT.

Corey is also a Senior Advisor to the consulting firm Oliver Wyman, has been nominated as a Director of Connex Credit Union and is a Director of Discovering Amistad. He lives outside New Haven, CT with his wife, Sue McDonald, with whom he has three grown children. When not writing or speaking about consumer financial health, Corey can be found singing, sculling, or cooking.


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Corey’s blog series, The Ends of the Month, explores aspects of our payment and credit systems that may foster and exacerbate the challenges of paycheck-to-paycheck living. Read the blog series>>