Supporting the Financial Lives of America’s Young People

Principal® Foundation research shows that In the United States, 54% of young people between the ages of 18 and 30 report they have hit financial rock bottom – a situation made worse by pandemic-related job losses and college closures. This report shares new potential solutions from the Principal Foundation YouthCan Initiative Innovation Challenge, which supports organizations working to tackle the financial issues facing young people today.

Edquity Case Study: Supporting Students with Innovative Emergency Aid

Each year, millions of college students struggle to stay in school not because of academic difficulties, but because of financial challenges. The Financial Health Network is dedicated to furthering solutions to help improve student financial health and increase academic success. In this case study, we explore how Edquity – an innovative student support app – is working to reduce the number of students who dropout of college because of a financial emergency of $500 or less.

Financial Health and Higher Education: The Power of Assessing Student Financial Health

There is increasing awareness among community colleges and universities regarding the link between student financial health and academic success. In 2018, working closely with a cohort of innovative colleges and universities, Financial Health Network developed a new, holistic framework for not only understanding, but also assessing and measuring student financial health.

Driving College Success

Higher education can provide remarkable access and opportunity to Americans, but financial challenges often prevent students from reaching their full academic potential. Read about how educational institutions can help more students achieve academic success and financial health.

3 Tips for Managing Student Loans as an Entrepreneur

By John Hammond, StartU Today marks the 3rd annual #FinHealthMatters day; an event started by the Center for Financial Services Innovation to draw attention to the 57% of Americans — approximately 138 million adults — that are struggling financially today. This year’s theme is student health; emphasizing the financial health of college students in America today. At StartU, this…

What I Wish I Knew About Student Loan Debt That I Know Now

By Justine, from Debt Free Millennials Forget student loan debt. When I think about my college experience, it’s filled with memories of purple everything, late night study sessions at Hale Library, $2 You-Call-Its at O’Malley’s, and being flat broke. Me and my girls. All purple. Cheap beer. K-State Wildcats. And dirt poor! I was clueless…