Nan Gibson

Executive Director, PolicyCenter
JPMorgan Chase

Nan Gibson is Executive Director for Public Policy and Corporate Responsibility at the JPMorgan Chase PolicyCenter, based in Washington, D.C. In this role, she works to develop and advance evidence-based policy solutions to drive inclusive economic growth by bringing together global expertise, data, research, and philanthropic investments.

Nan works with policy, community, and business leaders to drive effective public policy solutions at all levels of government. She provides policy expertise across a broad range of economic issues and conducts outreach to key stakeholders to build unique partnerships for initiatives related to economic security, workforce, and community development. She works closely with criminal justice reform leaders to advance policies that lower barriers to employment for people with criminal backgrounds. She also develops best practices for serving the needs of older consumers and combating elder financial exploitation.

She previously served as Chief of Staff to the President’s Council of Economic Advisers during the Obama Administration and as Executive Director of the Joint Economic Committee (JEC) of Congress. Prior to public service, Nan was a senior manager and communications strategist at the Economic Policy Institute, a leading think tank that conducts research on American living standards. She began her career covering Congress, politics and presidential elections for The New Yorker magazine’s Washington columnist and for C-SPAN.

 Nan Gibson

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