Arjun Kaushal

Senior Associate, Innovation
Financial Health Network

Arjun believes that financial empowerment is a key accelerator to helping underserved communities realize their full potential. As a Senior Associate on the Program team Arjun uses his various experiences in policy, entrepreneurship, and financial services to support the Financial Health Network’s consulting, research, and financial technology engagements.

Prior to joining the Financial Health Network, he worked at the Aspen Institute’s Financial Security Program and supported policy initiatives on consumer debt, long-term savings and retirement, and financial wellness programs.

Arjun received his Bachelors in Business Administration from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. He currently resides in Chicago and is a native of Southeast Michigan. In his spare time he likes to explore Chicago, experiment in the kitchen, keep up with professional/college sports, and stay active.

 Arjun Kaushal

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