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Responding to the challenge of COVID-19 is a cross-industry opportunity to bolster and protect the financial health of millions of people in America. Thanks to our diverse Member and partner communities, the Financial Health Network is able to identify and highlight leading solutions from across industries and ecosystems, helping leaders and organizations navigate challenging decisions during the COVID-19 crisis.

The Role of Financial Services Providers

Financial service providers have a unique role to play in protecting their communities from long-term financial health setbacks by deploying high-quality solutions to address their needs. Hear from our experts on where to focus resources and innovation during the COVID-19 crisis.

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The Role of the Workplace

Work is foundational to  financial health, and COVID-19 has altered the workplace and impacted nearly every worker.  Hear from our experts on what some employers are doing today and what the workplace and employers can do in the future to support worker financial health.

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Financial Health Network Members Respond

Members of the Financial Health Network are united in their collective mission to improve the financial health of their customers, employees, and communities. The organizations listed below have quickly deployed solutions or interventions to help their most vulnerable communities weather the shocks of economic downturn during the COVID-19 crisis.

As of May 15, 96% of  Financial Health Network Members have issued an official response, with 62% focused on customers, 29% directed to employee financial health, and 26% focused on communities.

Over half of our Members have designed and implemented solutions for more than one stakeholder group and many have launched solutions for all three stakeholder groups.

Solutions span all four components of financial health, with 23% of solutions supporting savings, 32% supporting spending, 46% supporting borrowing, and 27% supporting planning. 

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Use these compiled lists to inform your own decision-making and help us build and support financial health for all during this time of uncertainty.


Solutions for Employees

Solutions for Customers

Solutions for Communities


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