2020 Financial Health Leaders

The Financial Health Leaders program recognizes Members that are at the forefront of financial health measurement. Leaders are Members that have committed to measuring the financial health of their customers, employees, and/or clients.

Using FinHealth Score survey and transaction data to measure the financial health of users

Using the FinHealth Score survey to take a financial health benchmark on our employees

Using Financial Health Network survey to measure finhealth and study finhealth needs of employees and members

Using transactional data to assess the financial health of BECU members

Using our survey to improve the financial health and behavior of members and employees

Using CBA’s data and digital experiences to measure and improve the financial wellbeing of all its customers

Using the FinHealth ScoreTM survey to track changes in the finhealth of 220 consumers

Using financial health score to personalize member recommendations for financial progress

Conducting monthly surveys of new customers coupled with their application data and credit reports

Using transactional data to measure financial health of customers

Combining survey and transactional data to track member financial health over time

FinFit uses a proprietary financial health assessment

Using Financial Health Network’s survey to track the financial health of consumers signing up for Mvelopes solutions

Use FinHealth survey to measure financial health of our employees and subset of customers.

Using transactional data to design personalized experiences to improve customer FinHealth

Monitoring credit reports to track borrowers’ journeys back to financial health

Using FinHealth survey to establish a financial health baseline for employees and customers

Using the Financial Heath Score to help our Members achieve a better life

Using FinHealth Score to track the health of clients recovering from natural disasters

Using survey data to measure intervention

Using financial health data to track and inform support for our colleagues and customers

Fund credit union initiatives to measure employee, member & business impact of finhealth

Using Proprietary Financial Health Survey to improve technology-enhanced coaching services

Incentivize customers to save then track savings behaviors and financial health over time

Measuring customers’ financial health to better serve needs and address pain points

Administering the Small Business Financial Health Survey to our loan recipients

Using survey data to measure the financial health of our customers and employees

Payveris is analyzing money movement data (bill pay, A2A & P2P transfers) to identify US financial trends.

Study participants in the U.S. Financial Health Pulse who agree to share their transactional and account data use Plaid’s data connectivity services to authorize their data for analysis.

Measuring finhealth of customers & associates

Measuring improvements in credit scores, overall debt levels, and employee retention rates

Using survey and transactional data to measure the financial health of savings program participants

Using the FinHealth Score to shape our members financial fitness

Using the FinHealth Score to track the financial health of our customers

Using the FinHealth Framework to show business impacts

Computing FinHealth scores for all users coming through the registration funnel

Using FinHealth Score survey to create a baseline of financial health for our employees

Measuring the financial health of a representative sample of the Canadian population using an adapted version of the financial health survey

Measuring finhealth of customers & employees using the FinHealth Score through mobile app

Measuring the financial health of millions using transactional data

VACU will use the FinHealth Score to measure 500-900 members on their financial health

Using the survey with members applying best practices from behavioral economics

Track four FinHealth Discovery groups and survey membership and employees with a new beta program

MetLife Foundation is a founding sponsor of the Financial Health Network’s measurement work.

About the Leaders Program