Solutions for Employees

Our Members are deploying solutions that are designed to help employers protect the financial health of workers during a time of extreme uncertainty. Discover resources and ideas to help you build and support financial health solutions for your communities.

Member organizations with new solutions to add can contact

Organization Type Description Link
Financial Finesse Professional Service Firms Hosting a series of COVID-19 webcasts “Your COVID-19 Financial Survival Kit” for all employees and current clients and a select populations who are at high risk / high financial stress. Learn More
Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners Nonprofit – Supply Chain Extending services to more businesses and workers in need, shifting resources to expand reach. Ensure cost isn’t a barrier to anyone who needs help. Collaborating with employers, financial services providers, businesses, and peer nonprofits on initiatives that put the financial health and wellbeing of workers first, including making cash readily available to ensure food and housing security; and supporting small businesses so jobs are protected as much as possible Learn More
Balance Nonprofit – Supply Chain Has moved from an office-based environment to a remote nationwide workforce. We are 95% percent remote and the other 5% is making the pivot now. Learn More
Bank of America Large Bank Incentive pay of $200/bi weekly to branch, call center employees & operations centers. Learn More
BBVA Compass Medium Bank Employees and their covered dependents who are on BBVA USA health plan will not be required to satisfy their deductible, nor pay any co-insurance, before the plan begins paying 100 percent of the expense, including all telemedicine services, not just those related to COVID-19. Offering 10 days of paid time off for employees experiencing qualifying situations related to COVID-19 that are rendering them unable to work. Also implemented a special leave program for employees experiencing qualifying situations who are unable to work for an extended period of time. Amending its retirement savings program to allow eligible employees to access up to $100K of their 401(k) accounts, penalty-free, for qualifying COVID-19 related reasons. Learn More
BECU Credit Union Some locations have closed or reduced hours. Learn More
Berkshire Bank Small Bank Suspending all non-essential travel and conducting inter-company meetings virtually. Providing additional paid sick days through June 30, 2020 for employees who are impacted themselves or caring for a family member with flu/COVID-19. Learn More
Branch FinTech Fast-tracking early wage access product rollout with new employers, reflecting the priority that workers need cash as soon as possible given the need to shop in advance for groceries etc. Learn More
Capital One Large Bank Increased customer support team from 1,600 to 13,000, all WFH. 40,000 total associates WFH. Closed banking locations that do not have a physical barrier between associates and customers, including all Capital One Cafés and a quarter of branches. Increased pay by $10/hour for staff working in open locations and for roles that perform essential and time-sensitive banking activities that cannot be performed remotely. Increased pay by $5/hour for other U.S.-based associates in other essential roles such as call center agents. Working with partners to ensure that vital contractors are being taken care of during this challenging time. Learn More
Citigroup Large Bank $1000 award to eligible employees who make $60,000 or less to compensate for the financial burden of working during the pandemic, regardless of whether they work at a company facility or from home. Learn More
Citizens Bank Large Bank Providing alternative work arrangements and additional paid time off for employees. Learn More
Comerica Bank Medium Bank Raising compensation for on-site roles through May 7; up to $700 per month. Instituted a new dependent and elder care stipend for March and April ($400 per month) to help cover unexpected costs, extending special circumstances pay, adding 10 paid workdays to care for individuals with COVID-19, covering the cost of COVID-19 testing, and providing no cost telehealth (online visits) and other health care benefits pertaining to COVID-19. Learn More
Community Reinvestment Fund (CRF) Nonprofit – Supply Chain Enacted remote work for employees. Learn More
Doxo FinTech All employees are working remotely. Working with our benefits team to make sure financial health and wellbeing of workers comes first. Learn More
Equifax Data & Insights Appointed a global task force of leaders from our company’s critical functions to ensure our Business Continuity Plans are activated at every site around the world. Learn More
Fifth Third Bank Large Bank Created additional benefits to cover its employees in this time of need and its employees will continue to be paid if they become sick, are taking care of a family member who is ill, or are navigating daycare or school closures. Offering incentive pay up to $1,000 for employees doing essential services in branch, call center and operation centers. Learn More
Finicity Data & Insights Services and solutions and fully available and they are maintaining full attention to system availability. Internally have implemented WFH plan. Learn More
Franklin Madison Insurance & Wealth Work-from-home policy in effect for all eligible team members until April 30, 2020, at the earliest. Implemented workplace distancing for our critical staff that must work in the office. Deployment of Microsoft Teams to keep teams engaged. Elevated efforts in boosting company culture and engagement across the organization Learn More
Freddie Mac Other Expanding remote work for employees and suspending non-essential business travel. Learn More
GreenPath Nonprofit – Supply Chain All in-person counseling sessions are being transitioned to phone counseling. Learn More
Money Management International Nonprofit – Supply Chain Rapidly expanding remote work practice; 50% of counseling and support teams work remotely all the time. Learn More
NeighborWorks Nonprofit – Supply Chain Employees are working remotely. Learn More
OneMain Financial Monoline and Marketplace Lenders Transitioning employees to remote work. Branches open by appointment only. Learn More
Oportun Monoline and Marketplace Lenders Providing a meaningful short-term increase in the take-home pay of our hourly retail employees. Reimbursing supplemental childcare expenses that are the result of COVID-19 related school closures. Providing access to free financial coaching and other local resources through our national program partners. Committed $100,000 to the Oportun Employee Assistance Fund and expanded eligibility criteria for Oportun employees to receive assistance for hardships related to COVID-19. This 501(c)3 nonprofit fund was established by the company long before the current situation, and provides cash support for emergency needs like food, rent and mortgage relief. Many of our employees actively support the fund through their own charitable giving which has surged in the weeks since COVID-19 began impacting the economy. Learn More
Paul Hastings LLP Law Firm Employees are working remotely. Learn More
Santander Bank Medium Bank Providing employees with up to 80 hours of additional paid time off, either continuously or intermittently, to assist with dependent care needs related to the Coronavirus Providing $250/week in pay premiums for branch and other frontline workers The majority of non-location-dependent employees are now working from home Implemented flexible and alternate scheduling among branches and call centers Learn More
SaverLife Nonprofit – Supply Chain Team is now working remotely Learn More
Self Small Bank Transitioned staff to remote work and provided stipend to employees to spend locally and help in the local community Learn More
TD Ameritrade Insurance & Wealth – Provisioned 100% of employees to work from home, allowing us to keep our employees safe, but still available to clients. – Awarded special $1,000 stipends to every employee at the director level and below, to address the residual impacts of working from home. – Opened a one-time PTO Buy-Back Program allowing employees to sell back some of their unused PTO hours to TD Ameritrade. Learn More
U.S. Bank Large Bank U.S. Bancorp is raising hourly wages by 20 percent temporarily for front-line workers such as branch employees and call center staffers. Learn More
Unidos US Advocacy Organization Canceled/postponed events and all non-essential travel and requested all staff work remotely. Learn More
Wells Fargo Large Bank Enhanced U.S. benefits and time away programs specifically for employees directly affected by coronavirus through illness or school closures. The Foundation will donate $10 million to its WE Care Fund, which provides resources to colleagues who face a catastrophic disaster or financial hardship. Added new flat grants of up to $1,500 that qualifying employees can use for mortgage, rent, or other assistance while continuing to work. Providing one-time $300 (part-time) or $600 (full-time) award to 170,000 U.S. employees. Starting April 17, making payments of $200 per pay period for 5 pay periods for employees whose roles call for them to serve in branches, call centers, and other offices with base pay of less than $100,000. Learn More
WEX Health FinTech Launched SpeedLift, a set of flexible employee benefit plans that help employers get emergency funds to workers impacted by COVID-19. SpeedLift is supported with web pages and weekly email, blog, video and podcast resources to educate on ways recent legislation opens up avenues of relief and how new and existing benefit plans can help. Learn More