Financial Health Measurement

Behind every great movement, are those who came first. The eight companies participating in the Financial Health Network’s Financial Health Measurement project are leaders at the forefront of financial health innovation. These companies represent a diverse cross section of the financial services industry. Together, they shed light on how banks, credit unions, lenders, prepaid providers, fintech companies, and financial educators  can measure and improve their customers’ financial health.

"We surveyed our employees to find out how financially healthy they were. We wanted to make sure that if we were going to be reaching out to our members that our employees could also take care of our members."

- Tracy Szarzi-Fors,
VP of Marketing and Business Development,
Wright-Patt Credit Union

The companies participating in this project have recognized that investing in financial health will allow them to better serve their customers, creating long-term and loyal customers over time. By aligning the success of their business with the success of their customers, these companies have appreciated that the future of financial services is one in which businesses will thrive when their customers succeed.

There’s a business incentive for us to improve our customers’ financial health beyond the fact that it’s the right thing to do. For us, the healthier our customers are, the healthier our business is.

Jerry Nemorin, Founder & CEO LendStreet

Our partners have already been distributing the medicine that improves financial health – specifically, banking products that can move the needle on an individual’s financial outlook. Wrapping financial health measurement in a financial education program gives the booster shot that is needed for long-term health.

Steve Rice, EVP of Financial Education EverFi

Our goal is for people to enjoy greater financial resilience so they will be in a stronger financial position to live the lives they want to live. This new program allows us to proactively reach out to our members to help them make smarter money management decisions and adopt healthier financial habits.

Tracy Szarzi-Fors, VP of Marketing and Business Development Wright-Patt Credit Union

Many of Accion’s clients cite a desire to achieve financial stability as their number one motivation for starting a business. We know that access to capital is just one element of that journey.

Gina Harman, CEO Accion U.S. Network

Knowing our customers has always been important to Netspend, so being able to diagnose their financial health has been exciting. But diagnosis just tells you where you are starting. We believe that small activities can build to a bigger overall shift in health.

Lisa Henken Ramirez, Chief Customer Officer Netspend

There is no one path to financial wellness. Instead, just like in the game of Life, there are different paths one can take to achieve the same goal. Being a participant ...helped Sunrise start to identify those paths and the products and resources that can help one achieve their financial goals.

Rebecca Hoeft, SVP and Director of Communications and Marketing Sunrise Banks

Measuring financial health and using that information to innovate is about developing a culture. Calling it an initiative puts it in a smaller box. This is not an initiative – this is a strategy. This is who you are.

Creighton Blackwell, VP of Corporate Affairs Coastal Federal Credit Union

As your company embarks upon its own financial health journey, consider the examples set by these trailblazers. Download Tales from the Road: Financial Health Pioneers.


2017 the Financial Health Network Financial Health Project Participants

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Financial Health Measurement

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