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Market Analysis

Understanding the needs and behaviors of consumers, especially those who have traditionally been overlooked by mainstream financial services, is key to improving financial health for all. With nearly a decade of market analysis and proprietary insights from our groundbreaking research, the Financial Health Network lays a foundation for businesses and policymakers to shape innovative strategies, product designs, and policies that can help more Americans achieve financial security. 

The Evolution of the Underserved Market Size Study

For nearly a decade, this report has guided businesses and policymakers in pursuit of responsible financial health innovation. In 2021, the Financial Health Network has again reimagined the study, refreshing the methodology to create an even more valuable resource.

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FinHealth Spend Report 2021

With this report – an evolution of our Financially Underserved Market Size Study – we shed light on how much households paid for a variety of everyday financial products and services in 2020, through lenses of financial health, income, race, and ethnicity.


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