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Designing Digital Financial Advisory Tools for Low-to-Moderate Income Older Adults

Most low-to-moderate income (LMI) older adults are financially challenged to reach retirement and maintain their quality of life as they age. This report showcases research insights and design features that financial service providers can leverage to better support the needs of this group as they approach retirement, produced in partnership with the Institute of Consumer Money Management.

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How to Make Savings More Inclusive: A Look at Closing the Savings Gap | Savings Interest Group Small Group

For consumers living paycheck to paycheck, saving money is not an option. Learn how to help foster savings by lowering fees and reducing friction in your customers' user experience. Accuracy and transparency are essential to build customer trust and help them budget to manage cash flow. Adding or removing friction in UX can help determine how well people build savings or access their money.

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2019 Financial Health Leaders Spotlight Podcast: Steady

Our Financial Health Leaders program spotlights the Financial Health Network members who are at the forefront of financial health innovation. Listen in as we hear Adam Roseman, CEO of Steady, share how Steady is measuring the financial health of their employees and how that will inform their plans for measuring their members’ financial health in the future.