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Auto Insurance Spotlight

This brief takes a closer look at the auto insurance coverage, acquisition channels, knowledge, and claims experience of American consumers, with a particular focus on LMI consumers.

Disability Insurance Spotlight

To show how disability insurance can augment financial resilience, this brief examines short- and long-term disability insurance coverage, acquisition channels, and knowledge of American consumers, with a focus on LMI consumers.

Member Exclusive

Dispatch from D.C. March 2018

In our first 2018 edition of Dispatch from D.C., listen in as Jennifer Tescher, the Financial Health Network President and CEO, interviews Jeanne Hogarth, the Financial Health Network’s recently retired VP of Policy.

Member Exclusive

5 Tips for Measuring Financial Health

In 2017, 22 Financial Health Leaders measured the financial health of their customers, clients, or employees. While methodologies and results varied widely, 5 common themes ran across the entire cohort.

Secured Credit Cards: People of Color

A long history of discrimination and wealth-stripping has caused African Americans, Hispanics, and other people of color to have lower credit scores, less wealth, and less trust in the U.S. financial system than whites.