Workers across the country at all income levels are struggling with their finances – and increasingly looking to their employers for solutions. The Financial Health Network helps employers to better understand, evaluate, and test financial health solutions for their teams. Like you, we care most about what works.

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Employer FinHealth Tookit

Build better employee financial health strategies with this comprehensive toolkit for HR professionals. This online toolkit offers a step-by-step guide for measuring and improving employee financial health by helping employers diagnose needs, identify solutions, design for engagement, and measure impact.

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Employer FinHealth Tookit

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The Worker Financial Wellness Initiative – Making Workers’ Financial Security and Health a C-Suite Priority

The Worker Financial Wellness Initiative was designed to make workers' financial health a priority for executives. Learn why we believe America's largest companies should conduct a Worker Financial Wellness Assessment. JUST Capital and PayPal, in collaboration with the Financial Health Network and the Good Jobs Institute, have established a new initiative to make workers’ financial security and health a C-suite and investor priority. The organizations are calling on the CEOs of America’s largest companies to conduct a Worker Financial Wellness Assessment as a vital first step toward understanding the financial vulnerability of their workforce. Leading research shows that when workers are more financially secure, key business outcomes such as productivity, customer satisfaction, and employee turnover and engagement also improve.

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Workplace Financial Health Solutions for Your Teams

We know your employees are your best competitive advantage, and that financially healthy employees have the clarity they need to accomplish more and take better care of your customers, patients, and partners.

We help employers understand, address, and meet the financial health needs for the full breadth and diversity of their workforces, including low- to moderate-income workers and other vulnerable populations.

We are product-agnostic and worker-centric, focusing on what works best for all kinds of people and organizations – because a financially healthy workforce is good for people, good for business, good for communities, and good for our country.

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Dive deeper into understanding the specific financial health needs of your workforce with our proprietary data and custom research opportunities.

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FinHealth Score®

Our easy-to-use measurement tool brings clarity to how your employees are faring financially and creates a benchmark for tracking finhealth over time.

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Employer FinHealth Forum

An invaluable opportunity to connect and learn from employers and HR leaders already delivering innovative new financial health solutions to their teams.

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