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2021 FinHealth Spend Report Shows Financially Coping and Vulnerable Households Spent $255B for Everyday Financial Services

Chicago, IL, April 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Financial Health Network, the nation’s authority on financial health, in partnership with Prudential Financial, today released The FinHealth Spend Report 2021, the evolution of our annual market sizing report showing Financially Coping and Vulnerable households account for 84% of spending on fees and interest for financial […]

Supporting the Financial Lives of America’s Young People

Principal® Foundation research shows that In the United States, 54% of young people between the ages of 18 and 30 report they have hit financial rock bottom – a situation made worse by pandemic-related job losses and college closures. This report shares new potential solutions from the Principal Foundation YouthCan Initiative Innovation Challenge, which supports organizations working to tackle the financial issues facing young people today.

Fintech Over 50: Designing for Low- to Moderate-Income Older Adults

Despite their widespread use of technology, many adults 50 and older find it challenging to handle day-to-day financial needs online. However, shifting financial management systems online has become critical for older generations that face the greatest health risks from COVID-19. Through qualitative, human-centered research, the Financial Health Network uncovered barriers that inhibit older adults’ adoption of fintech, such as negative stereotypes about their tech savviness and concerns about losing granular control over their finances. This report offers recommendations for fintech customer experience design that financial services innovators can use to overcome these barriers and join older adults as partners on their journey toward financial health.

Edquity Case Study: Supporting Students with Innovative Emergency Aid

Each year, millions of college students struggle to stay in school not because of academic difficulties, but because of financial challenges. The Financial Health Network is dedicated to furthering solutions to help improve student financial health and increase academic success. In this case study, we explore how Edquity – an innovative student support app – is working to reduce the number of students who dropout of college because of a financial emergency of $500 or less.

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 Neighborhoods Matter: The Power of Place in Shaping Financial Health

Neighborhoods Matter: The Power of Place in Shaping Financial Health

The places where people live, work, play, and worship are tightly tied to their ability to be resilient during unexpected challenges and to seize opportunities over time. This brief highlights the role of place in financial health, as well as the opportunity for place-based solutions to improve the financial lives of residents and communities.