Having recognized the great opportunity underbanked consumers represent for financial services, participants at the 3rd Annual Underbanked Financial Services Forum turned their attention to better understanding this potential market. The forum, presented by SourceMedia in conjunction with the Center for Financial Services Innovation (CFSI), explored the heterogeneity of underbanked market segments and the latest approaches to providing financial services targeted to their unique needs and preferences.

Approximately 430 participants represented banks, credit unions, technology vendors, alternative service providers, consumer advocates and policymakers—all concerned with how to provide financial services for the underbanked effectively, responsibly, and profitably.

The proceedings of the conference provide a comprehensive overview of the state of the industry and current dialogue and trends within it. As in the past, a key strength of this year’s conference was its cross-sector scope. The forum brings together a broad group of stakeholders in the underbanked financial services industry to share information and best practices.