Employee FinHealth Toolkit

How We Can Help

Learn how the Financial Health Network can help your organization build an effective program to improve employee financial health.

How We Can Help

Our FinHealth Experts Are Here to Help

Our financial health experts can help at every stage of developing and implementing your employee financial health strategy, including:

  • Assessing where you are and helping to build a roadmap for your employee financial health strategy.
  • Developing and executing a plan for diagnosing your employees’ needs.
  • Conducting a financial health gap assessment of your current benefits offerings.
  • Understanding the landscape of solutions to meet your employees’ needs and identifying the right partners.
  • Hosting a FinX for your HR and leadership teams to foster empathy for your employees’ financial struggles and promote buy-in for your financial health strategy.
  • Leveraging insights from behavioral science to maximize your employees’ engagement with your financial health programs.
  • Developing a strategy for measuring the impact of your financial health strategies on employee and business outcomes.

Looking for help with a specific employee financial health challenge or are you unsure where to start? Have a success story to share? Fill out the form below and we will get in touch.