Workplace and Healthcare Leaders Join the Financial Health Network

We’re excited to welcome two experts to the team that will drive workplace and healthcare financial health strategies forward: Matt Bahl and Adrienne White-Faines.

Friday, August 21, 2020
 Workplace and Healthcare Leaders Join the Financial Health Network

Over the last few years, the Financial Health Network has been working to identify new avenues to expand our mission of financial health for all. The workplace — specifically human resources practitioners at midsize and large employers– and healthcare emerged as two defining areas where organizations can help their employees, customers, and communities by adopting a financial health-focused lens. That’s why we sought to find experts that understood the challenges and opportunities of integrating financial health into these areas and had a passion for advancing financial health. We’re excited to welcome two experts to the team that will drive this strategy forward: Matt Bahl and Adrienne White-Faines.

The Case for Workplace

Our research at the Financial Health Network suggests that more than half of workers in the U.S. are financially stressed, often resulting in distractions and reduced productivity. Employers can play a critical role in helping individuals build their financial health through benefits such as financial planning, automatic savings, and insurance. Their willingness to invest in the financial health of their workers can support healthier and more loyal employees while putting them on track to a more stable financial future.

Matt Bahl is leading our strategy on workplace. With more than 15 years of financial services, consulting, legal, and human resources experience, he understands the important role of financial health and how employers can successfully implement it. Matt will help grow the Financial Health Network’s reach and impact with midsize and large employers, gig platforms, employee benefits vendors and intermediaries, and others interested in improving worker financial health.

The Case for Healthcare

Health and financial health are inextricably linked: As financial health increases or decreases, so do one’s physical and mental health outcomes, and vice versa. Millions of people are living in fear of experiencing a medical emergency because of the high costs. Furthermore, the U.S. Financial Health Pulse found that 42% of financially vulnerable individuals have delayed or prevented seeking or receiving medical care because of debt. Additionally, a majority of respondents said financial stress has impacted their physical and/or mental health.

Adrienne White-Faines has joined our team to head up our work in healthcare. Her extensive experience as a healthcare executive in strategy and business development, operations, program design and collaboration, and medical education will enable us to bring innovative approaches to navigate the intersection of health, well-being, and financial health. Adrienne will focus on engaging payers, health and hospital systems, and clinical providers to more effectively appreciate and address the financial health challenges faced by patients in order to improve health outcomes and well-being.

Matt and Adrienne will be working with our research, consulting, membership, and content teams in coming months to roll out their approaches. Find out more about these two dynamic additions to our team:

Learn more about our full team here:

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  • Sarah Gordon
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