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 3 Takeaways from EMERGE Workplace

3 Takeaways from EMERGE Workplace

The pandemic has made it clear that workplace benefits are evolving. As Harvard Business Review recently reported, the vast majority of leaders are planning to expand benefits as a result of the COVID-19. What should your organization be considering? We designed our inaugural EMERGE…

Financial Wellness for Employees: Insights from Five Fintechs

Employer-channel fintechs play an increasingly crucial role in supporting employees’ financial health through products like low-cost loans, and financial coaching. The Financial Solutions Lab partnered with the Social Policy Institute at Washington University in St. Louis to examine the uptake, usage, and impact of five companies: Brightside, HoneyBee, Manifest, MedPut, and Onward.

The Future of Financial Wellness is Taking Shape

As the way we work changes, financial wellness should adapt too. Explore these new ideas that are shaping the future. While the initial thrust into remote work was a crisis response, it is now being embraced by both employees and employers. In fact, many companies plan to maintain remote workforces. Presented by Morgan Stanley at Work

Good Jobs Matter: Investing in Worker Financial Health

By Karla Henriquez, Senior Associate and Beth Brockland, Senior Director Throughout our “Good Jobs Matter” blog series, we have explored the relationship between good jobs and financial health, particularly for low-income workers. But for employers committed to supporting worker financial health, investing in job quality is only part of the solution. In this final installment…

Good Jobs Matter: Improving Job Quality for Low-Income Workers

By Karla Henriquez Senior Associate This is a continuation of our Good Jobs Matter series, exploring “good jobs” and financial health. See the first blog in the series here. Which job qualities are most important for improving a worker’s financial health? As it turns out, wages matter, but so do benefits. For all workers, employee…

Good Jobs Matter: Worker Financial Health During COVID-19

By Karla Henriquez Senior Associate COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the lives and livelihoods of millions of Americans, resulting in higher unemployment than the Great Recession. Many of these workers have lost not only the financial security of a paycheck, but also the health benefits that often accompany a full-time job. Therefore, it…

New Financial Health Network Report Finds Many Employers Taking Action to Improve Employee Financial Health Benefits Following the COVID-19 Pandemic

Chicago, IL, Nov. 12, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Financial Health Network, the nation’s authority on financial health, today released the “Know Better, Do Better: Building an Effective Financial Health Benefits Strategy” report in partnership with Morgan Stanley at Work, showing that close to 90% (86%) say they are aware of their employees’ financial health […]