Speaker Resources

Speaker Resources

We look forward to hosting you during our virtual EMERGE event. This page will be your resource for all things related to your speaking engagement.

If you have any questions or comments regarding your engagement, please reach out:

Ziandry Peralta, Senior Associate, Events

Registration and Prep Calls

Please complete your registration at your earliest convenience to confirm your speaking engagement. Through this process, please submit a headshot, a bio of 100 words or less, and agree to our speaker release agreement. We must have your completed registration to begin marketing you as an EMERGE speaker.

Speaker prep calls will be scheduled prior to the event and will cover both content and technology.

Speaker Registration


We discourage the use of PowerPoint presentations. However, if your session would be enhanced by displaying a few slides, please reach out to Ziandry Peralta.

Presenter's Guide


We’ll be streaming live to our website from Zoom and recording all sessions. Please join your session at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.

All technology will be tested during our prep calls. Presenters should attend their prep calls from the device and location of their live presentation with all equipment including camera, microphones, etc. Please note, if you are planning to use an iPad or tablet, please be sure to see the “camera” section

  • If you don’t already have Zoom on your computer, please download it from here, prior to our prep call. 
  • Please download the Zoom mobile app in case you need to join from your cell phone as a backup on the day of your session. 
  • Make sure you have a fast and reliable internet connection by either sitting near your router or plugging in to your ethernet cable.
  • Test your internet speed by visiting www.fast.com. Minimum requirements are 10mbps.
  • Ask people on your wireless network to reduce their internet usage.
  • Start your computer fresh before your session. Close all other windows, browsers, and applications to minimize disruptions and provide optimal capacity. 
  • Be sure to have your device plugged into a power source throughout your session.
  • Make sure your cell phone and any notifications are silenced.
  • If you lose connection, please rejoin the meeting using the original link that was provided.
  • Open your chat box within Zoom as large as possible. Time cues and questions from the audience will be sent through the Zoom chat box by your event producer.
  • These are the cues that will help manage time during the session:
    • LIVE
    • 10 MINS LEFT
    • 5 MINS LEFT
    • 1 MIN LEFT
    • WRAP (only if you’ve gone over time)
    • CLEAR
  • As soon as the moderator ends the session, hang tight until the event producer’s camera appears back on your screen. We’ll quickly debrief and then you may leave the Zoom meeting.


  • Be sure your microphone can pick up your sound. Have a backup headset/microphone available in case your microphone quality isn’t sufficient. Ex. wired headphones instead of bluetooth headphones.
  • Don’t mute yourself. We will mute you if we’re receiving feedback from your audio while you’re speaking and ask that the moderator steps in.


  • Please plan on participating from a quiet, well-lit environment. 
  • Natural light is ideal, so you should try to position yourself facing a window when possible.
  • If natural light isn’t available, you can create a fuller lighting profile by placing one light in front of you and one to the side.
  • If possible, wear contacts instead of glasses. Light flare off the glasses can cause the audience to not see your eyes.


  • Wipe your camera with a lens cloth to make sure it’s clean and clear. 
  • Whether you are presenting standing or sitting, the camera should be at eye level, so feel free to use equipment or objects (books work well) to achieve the right height. 
  • Speak into the camera. The more you look into the camera, the more engaged your audience will feel.
  • Lean in slightly. Leaning into the camera gives the audience the impression that they’re connecting with you, even if you can’t see them.
  • If possible, position yourself in the center of the screen.
  • iPad or tablet users:
    • Use a few books and gently angle the case edge so the whole thing tilts down a bit, just above eye level.
    • We recommend having your iPad or tablet in landscape mode. However, this does mean that your camera may be off-centered. Please be sure to place your camera in a position that the camera is aligned with your face. 
    • Be sure that you are comfortable with swiping on the iPad or tablet to view the chat box.

Background and Attire

  • Be mindful of your setting and choose your background carefully. Minimize clutter as best you can.
  • Please wear business casual or professional attire. Solid colors only; no busy patterns, stripes, or green clothing. Do your best to have contrast between your clothes and your background e.g., do not wear a white shirt in front of a white wall.

General Tips

  • Have a bottle of water next to you.
  • Practice your talking points. Schedule time to do a run-through prior to your event like you would any in-person presentation. Record yourself during your run-through and test the lighting, sound, and audio. Afterward, review the footage and make any adjustments needed until everything feels just right.
  • Maintain good posture. Good posture will help you breathe deeper and access more energy, which will enhance your engagement with the audience. If you can, try presenting standing up.
  • Speak clearly and be mindful of your session time.
  • Avoid reading cue cards or looking too long at off-camera notes.
  • Go with the flow. In any event, things can go awry. The good news is, in most instances, your guests won’t notice, and if they do, they’ll often forget about it right after. The best thing to do: keep calm and carry on.