The National Community Tax Coalition is a national network dedicated to strengthening economies, building communities, and improving lives through tax assistance and asset building. The goal is to increase financial security, protect families, and promote economic justice. NCTC represents over 2,100 members that provide free tax preparation through the nationwide Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (community VITA) to an estimated 1.5 million low‐ and moderate‐income workers. NCTC provides information on best practices, training materials, resources, advocacy tools, and networking opportunities.

NCTC illustrates how nonprofits can incorporate financial product distribution into existing service delivery to provide more holistic solutions for underserved communities. Tax season is a timely and relevant moment to engage consumers around new products that can help them manage their financial lives. NCTC is exploring ways to help members serve clients year-round, and distributing a reloadable prepaid product is a natural starting point.

Prepaid cards represent a compelling opportunity for nonprofit organizations that provide free help for low-income tax filers, and many NCTC members have distributed prepaid cards at tax time. Direct deposit of tax refunds onto a prepaid card means earlier refunds. In addition, it enables unbanked or underbanked taxpayers to avoid check-cashing fees for the deposit, and it is something they can then use year-round. The prepaid card also is safer than carrying cash and can help the cardholder stay on budget.