The Evolution of EMERGE

The Evolution of EMERGE

EMERGE was founded to connect leaders across industries to share cutting-edge strategies and thought leadership on how to shape the future of financial health. What began as the nation’s leading financial health forum has transformed into an immersive learning platform full of resources, insights, and in-person and virtual events.

From Forum to the Future

So why the change? The success of our flagship annual event and ongoing efforts have shown that collaboration and exchange of ideas are key to securing a better financial future for all. We clearly see that:

  • Critical finhealth inequalities have persisted since long before the pandemic.
  • Recent financial data shows that financial health gaps continue to widen.
  • Designing win-win solutions benefits your customers and your organization.
The more opportunities we give innovators across industries to share solutions, the better off our communities will be.

EMERGE Learning Resources

As a platform, EMERGE provides the content you need to lead your business or organization through your financial health transformation.

EMERGE Everywhere

Hear from innovative leaders across all industries who are busting down silos to create an integrated financial health system for all. Hosted by Financial Health Network’s CEO, Jennifer Tescher, this unique podcast gives you access to ideas and solutions directly from the source.

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EMERGE Everywhere


Get instant access to videos, webinars, and sessions from past events that unpack complex financial health issues and see how companies and organizations are finding new solutions to improve their communities.

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