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Measurement is the first step to improving financial health for all, providing you with data to foster success for your business and those you serve. Start measuring with the FinHealth Score® Toolkit today.


3 Simple Steps

 Survey Guide

Ask customers and employees eight simple survey questions that align with the Financial Health Network’s proven framework for financial health measurement.

 Scoring Logic

Quickly calculate one FinHealth Score and four sub-scores to assess each individual’s spending, saving, borrowing, and planning behaviors. Then use the scores to determine if they’re Financially Healthy, Coping, or Vulnerable.



See how the financial health of your customers and employees compares with thousands of their peers across the country. You can compare overall scores or segment respondents based on age, education, income, and more.

Why Measure?

The FinHealth Score Toolkit leverages the Financial Health Network’s deep expertise in financial health measurement, providing you with an easy-to-use tool that helps you:

See where your stakeholders are struggling financially

Track improvements in their financial health over time

Gain insights to enhance financial well-being and improve your bottom line

Visit the FinHealth Score Toolkit Methodology and FAQ to learn more.

The FinHealth Score Toolkit is allowing us to gather new customer insights through measurement work. We are using the tool exactly as is – it connects perfectly to our mission and goals.

Michael Cyr,
VP Consumer Products

More Ways to Measure

Measuring financial health can help you gain a better understanding of the challenges your customers face, so you can engage with them more effectively. Take an in-depth look at additional measurement strategies your organization can start using right away.

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