CFSI Financial Health Score® Toolkit

Orienting your business around financial health means expanding your company’s definition of success to include positive outcomes for your customers, not just positive outcomes for your business.

Explore the Toolkit now to start measuring and improving your customers’ financial health.

What Is the Toolkit?

The toolkit is a simple, easy-to-use resource that will provide you with a snapshot of your customers’ financial lives. Check out our FAQs or our full methodology for more details.


Why Use the Toolkit?

Use the CFSI Financial Health Score® Toolkit to diagnose your customers’ financial health and design products, programs, and tools to improve their financial health over time. See our license agreement for details on using the Toolkit. 

Using The Toolkit is Easy


Ask your customers the eight multiple-choice questions presented in the Survey Guide. 


Use the Scoring Logic to calculate a CFSI Financial Health Score® and four sub-scores.


Compare your results to a set of Benchmarks to see how your customers compare to their peers.

"The CFSI Financial Health Score® is allowing us to gather new customer insights through measurement work. We are using the tool exactly as is – it connects perfectly to our mission and goals."

Michael Cyr VP, Consumer Products, Regions Bank

“Our goal is to help people achieve the life they want to live. Our employees have used the CFSI Financial Health Score® to have poignant conversations with members and to help them identify confident, constructive steps they can take toward a better future.”

Tracy Szarzi-Fors VP, Marketing, Wright-Patt Credit Union

“The CFSI Financial Health Score® was exactly what we had asked for. It’s a very simple tool that we could use to measure the financial success of consumers.”

Rich Fischer Director of Innovation, Safety Net, LLC

“Measuring financial health and using that information to innovate is about developing a culture. Calling it an initiative puts it in a smaller box. This is not an initiative – this is a strategy. This is who you are."

Creighton Blackwell VP of Corporate Affairs, Coastal Federal Credit Union

Why Measuring Matters

Measuring your customers’ financial health is an integral part of this journey. It will allow your company to understand how your customers are struggling and to develop innovative solutions to address these challenges.

Why measuring matters

Most importantly, it will allow your company to understand whether it is making a meaningful difference in your customers’ financial lives, which will have a direct impact on your business’s bottom line.

MetLife Foundation is a founding sponsor of the Financial Health Network’s financial health work.

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Explore the Toolkit now to start measuring and improving your customers’ financial health.