Tim and Clara Adrian are in their early 30’s and live in Mississippi in a four-bedroom house that they own. (Names and details have been changed to protect the participants.) They do not have any children of their own, but they regularly care for foster children, including two teenage sisters with their five-year-old brother living with them today. Caring for foster children takes an emotional toll on the Adrians. They become attached to the children that stay with them, and when they leave, the Adrians feel their absence. Their lives are full of social and family connections, and they give both time and money generously to their church and the broader community. They hosted a recent potluck dinner for new members at their Church. They worked with the Chamber of Commerce to produce a series of talks about local issues, including a recent workshop about building job skills. Clara helped to produce a community talent show, which she and a friend “mc’d”. Financially, the Adrians and their family members help each other out when they can. In addition to borrowing from family to help pay bills, Tim has occasionally lent money to others in his family.

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