Insuring the Way to a Financially Resilient America: Life Insurance Spotlight
In this companion brief to our consumer insurance report, CFSI explores life insurance coverage trends among low-to-moderate income (LMI) individuals, as well as opportunities for insurers.

Sarah Parker, Director, CFSI

Top Takeaways

While nearly all Americans believe that a family's primary wage earner needs life insurance, CFSI research shows that complexity and perceived cost can prevent consumers from purchasing these policies.

Consumers, especially LMI consumers, struggle to understand the right coverage amount for their families

While employers play an important role in expanding access to life insurance, many LMI consumers don't have this option

Many LMI consumers forgo life insurance to focus on more pressing financial needs

Data Spotlight


Which type(s) of life insurance policies do you have?

While consumers often buy life insurance through work, this varies greatly by income.



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