From Buzzword to Business Model: How Industry Executives View Financial Health
As the vast majority of Americans struggle financially, improving customer financial health is a top priority for many industry executives – yet far fewer are turning those intentions into action. In a new survey, the Financial Health Network reveals how financial institutions are approaching financial health as they seek to engage customers meaningfully and profitably.

Chandni Ohri, Director, Financial Health Network
Rob Levy, Vice President, Financial Health Network
Hannah Kramer, Associate, Financial Health Network

Top Takeaways

In a survey of more than 650 senior executives at financial institutions, The Financial Health Network uncovered several emerging trends.

Improving customer financial health is a top business priority among senior executives.

Despite high levels of stated commitment to financial health, fewer financial institutions are taking action.

Financial institutions differ by size and segment in their actions to improve customer financial health.

Data Spotlight

Using the Financial Health Network’s Financial Health Journey framework, we find that executives see their institutions as split into roughly thirds across the early, middle, and latter steps of the journey.


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