Financial Health

The Financial Health Network’s vision is an audacious one: to increase the number of individuals with positive financial health and well-being. To achieve financial health, people need day-to-day financial systems that build long-term resilience and opportunity. Financial health enables family stability, education, and upward mobility, not just for individuals today but across future generations. Promoting financial health is good for the financial services industry. Financially healthy consumers drive new opportunities for increased engagement, loyalty, and long-term revenue streams. Lasting financial health also has a positive macroeconomic impact on communities at local, regional, and national levels.

Our own research over the last ten years indicates numerous obstacles that stand in between consumers and financial health, including education, access, and differing perceptions of financial success. Our market research on Consumer Financial Health shows 57% of American adults struggle financially. Many are dealing with an unhealthy amount of debt, irregular income, and sporadic savings habits.  With our vision, we invest in innovative technologies, policies, and providers that help Americans overcome those obstacles so that they can thrive. But no single financial product can enable individuals to reach this goal alone; it requires collective creativity, collaboration, and investment from across the financial services industry. We invite you to join the conversation and contribute your support and ideas for a healthier future.

MetLife Foundation is a major sponsor of the Financial Health Network’s ongoing consumer financial health work.

What is Financial Health?

We believe that the foundations of financial health are built when people have day-to-day financial systems that build long-term resilience and opportunity

It's a very simple question: how are you? Watch as Jennifer uses this question to get to the heart of consumer financial needs.

Financial Health

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