True Cost of a Loan: Oportun Loans are One-Sixth the Cost of Alternatives

Recent analysis from the Financial Health Network found that Oportun installment loans cost significantly less over the life of the loan, compared with other loan products available to similar borrowers for near prime consumers or consumers without a credit score. The Financial Health Network’s proprietary True Cost of a Loan study, which reflects total costs to repay a loan fully, revealed that some competitor products will charge you more in interest and fees than the actual amount borrowed. In comparing those products to Oportun installment loans, Financial Health Network found that others charge an average of 6 times more than Oportun does, and in some cases as much as 24 times more. The True Cost of a Loan considers what goes into various types of loan products and provides ways to understand loan affordability.

Tuesday, November 2, 2021


A Study by the Financial Health Network Prepared for Oportun

True Cost of a Loan

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