What Gets Measured Gets Managed: Making Employee Financial Health Personal

By Matt Bahl Vice President, Market Lead Workplace, Financial Health Network Recently, the Financial Health Network entered into a new collaborative partnership with PayPal, JUST Capital, and the Good Jobs Institute to encourage the nation’s largest employers to prioritize employee financial health. This initiative, the Worker Financial Wellness Initiative, centers around a simple, yet often…

Why Undocumented Workers Deserve to Be Included in the Social Safety Net

By Arjun Kaushal, Associate, Financial Health Network As Congress discusses the extension of stimulus programs in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the outstanding issues has been whether the next round of benefits will extend to the millions of undocumented immigrants and their families who have, so far, been left out. But this debate…

Millions of American Families at Risk of Missing Out on Economic Relief. Again.

By Dan Murphy, Policy Manager, Financial Health Network When the CARES Act was enacted on March 27, it stabilized the financial health of millions of families facing massive unemployment and other economic hardships in the wake of COVID-19. Unfortunately, it also left millions of American families out of the law’s broadest relief provision — Economic Impact Payments….