Compass Principles

Improving financial health for millions of struggling Americans requires designing products and services around their unique financial needs. Explore our Compass Principles, a set of guidelines for building high-quality financial tools, and see how providers are using these principles to usher in the next wave of financial innovation.

A Framework for Quality

In partnership with industry leaders, we developed the Compass Principles to define guidelines for tools that help people manage their finances today while planning for tomorrow.


  • Embrace inclusion to expand access responsibly to underserved consumers

  • Promote Success by encouraging positive consumer behavior through intelligent design and communication

  • Build trust by developing mutually beneficial products that deliver clear and consistent value

  • Create opportunity for more people by providing options for upward mobility

Why the Compass Principles Matter for Providers

Millions of Americans lack access to the financial services and products they need to become financially healthy. At the same time, the industry is challenged by evolving regulations and growing fragmentation in the marketplace. By leveraging the Compass Principles, providers can build effective, high-quality tools that support financial well-being for consumers as well as their businesses.

How We Can Help

Through our Advisory Services, we partner with providers to design and implement products and programs based on the Compass Principles framework. We also produce ongoing research to show how forward-thinking organizations are putting the Compass Principles into practice.

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