2017 Payroll Industry Scorecard

Assessing Quality in the Payroll Card Industry with the Financial Health Network's Compass Principles

By Thea Garon

How to use this report

Payroll card program managers can use this report to assess and improve the quality of their programs. Employers can use this report and the Compass Guide to Payroll Cards to evaluate potential payroll programs. Regulators and policymakers can draw upon these findings to approach their work from the perspective that payroll cards can be a force for good in employees’ lives.

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To facilitate a constructive dialogue around payroll cards, the Financial Health Network offers its first quality assessment of the payroll card industry. Using the Compass Guide to Payroll Cards as our lens, we have awarded the payroll card industry the following grades across the three levels of recommendations outlined in the Compass Guide:

In this report, we explore the following findings and highlight areas where providers can improve the quality of their programs:


This report benefited from strategic input and generous financial support from Mastercard.

This report and the Compass Principles are also supported by a grant from the Financial Health Network’s Founding Partner, the Ford Foundation.