What Works: Building an Impactful FinHealth Business Strategy
Member Summit 2021

What Works: Building an Impactful FinHealth Business Strategy

Tuesday, September 28, 2021
11:00 AM – 1:00 PM CT

Crafting and implementing a financial health strategy is more complicated than it was a year ago, as organizations grapple with the economic impact of the pandemic, increased employee turnover, and changing consumer expectations.

This year, Member Summit will feature hands-on workshops where you can explore solutions in a supportive environment that leverages the industry expertise and financial health experience of other Financial Health Network Members. At the conclusion of your workshop, you’ll have a list of action items and a clear plan for implementing them in your organization.

Tuesday, September 28, 2021


11:00 AM – 11:30 AM CT
Welcome and Opening Remarks
Andrea Galvez, Vice President, Financial Health Network

Take the Next Step: Deepening Your FinHealth Strategy
To improve financial outcomes for your customers and employees, you need a framework for evaluating where your organization is in its finhealth journey. In this keynote, Financial Health Network President and CEO Jennifer Tescher will provide insights into financial health strategy benchmarks using our Financial Health Maturity Assessment Program (FinHealth MAP) framework. Discover how taking actions within each of the four pillars Vision, Infrastructure, Performance, and Solutions will prepare you to make an even greater impact on the financial health of those you serve. Explore the FinHealth MAP to learn more about the framework.
Jennifer Tescher, President and Chief Executive Officer, Financial Health Network

11:30 AM – 1:00 PM CT
Collaborative Workshops
Choose one of four workshops based on your organization’s finhealth strategy. These are designed to be fun, engaging, and practical to help you solve challenges with fellow Members in a virtual face to face environment.

Workshop 1: Tearing Down Internal Silos: Creating Shared Commitment to Financial Health
Does your organization have a clear, strong vision around financial health? Without one, you can’t focus your company’s resources or rally your employees around the mission. Learn how to get buy-in from your organization and truly make the business case on financial health. Explore how CSR/ESG teams can work with the other lines of business for effective cross-functional partnership to authentically live your organization’s vision for financial health.
Ashley Hannon, Manager, Financial Health Network
Marisa Walster, Vice President, Financial Services Solutions, Financial Health Network

Recommended for: Executives, financial health leaders and champions, marketing, internal communications and customer communications teams.

Workshop 2: Equipping Your Organization for Outsized Impact
For your financial health strategy to succeed, it must have cross-functional support in your organization. How do you achieve that? By driving action with thought leadership, using data to inform decision-making, and leveraging technology and processes to execute plans. Discover the best ways to boost cross-department engagement, align initiatives, and expand cross-functional capabilities.
Natasha Anand, Vice President of Social Impact, OppFi
Lindsay Ferguson, Manager, Financial Health Network
Kuanmei Huang, Manager, Workplace, Financial Health Network
Jeff Sobieralski, Director of Financial Wellness and Wellbeing, Teachers Credit Union

Recommended for: Executives, financial health leaders, and financial health champions.

Workshop 3: Using Measurement Data To Track Progress
Recently expanded to a new customer segment? Working to reduce loan charge-offs? With any company initiative, you must evaluate the problem, set a goal, and track progress toward it. The same goes for implementing your financial health strategy. Explore how you can understand your customers’ needs and design effective solutions using proven measurement techniques.
Mark Bell, Manager, Financial Health Network
Louis Caditz-Peck, Director of Public Policy, LendingClub
Bjorn Larson, MBA, AFC® Senior Strategist, Financial Well-being, BCU
Alejandra Ruales, Senior Manager, Financial Health Network
Kaori Yamada, Senior Vice President, Financial Education and Wellness Strategy, U.S. Bank

Recommended for: Data teams, insights teams, product teams, marketing teams, consumer segment teams, and HR teams.

Workshop 4: Strengthening Your Portfolio of FinHealth Solutions
There’s only one way your financial health strategy will positively affect your business and stakeholders: if it improves your customers’ financial health. Learn why you should consider the financial health impact of each product and service, both individually and collectively, and discover how to use information to help identify gaps in product offerings to deepen impact on financial health. Come to hear from other Members about how they have tackled the solutions gaps they identified and used behavioral insights to improve their finhealth solutions.
Heidi Johnson, Director, Behavioral Economics, Financial Health Network
Brad O’Brien, Education Manager, GreenPath Financial Wellness
Rhonda Turner-Pettis, Manager, Financial Health Network

 Recommended for: Product teams, strategy teams, and customer experience teams