Our mission is to improve financial health for all.

We envision a future where all people, especially those who are most vulnerable, have the day-to-day financial systems they need to be resilient and thrive.  We are a trusted resource for business leaders, policymakers, and innovators united in a mission to improve the financial health of their customers, employees, and communities.  Through groundbreaking research, advisory services, measurement tools, and opportunities for cross-sector collaboration, we advance awareness, understanding, and proven best practices in support of improved consumer financial health for all.


Our approach informs the work that we do and the communities we seek to help. We believe:

  • Financial health should be accessible by all.  Opportunities to build resilience and thrive should be inclusive of everyone, including communities that have historically been marginalized.
  • Improved financial health is good for business.  Financially healthy customers drive new opportunities for increased engagement, loyalty and long-term revenue streams.  Thriving employees result in better productivity and increased retention.
  • Meaningful improvements in financial health require an integrated, cross-sector approach.  A productive financial health network includes stakeholders across industries, policy influencers, and technology innovators.
  • Financial health innovation isn’t just about technology. It takes many forms, including emerging technologies like AI and machine learning, dynamic partnerships between nonprofits and the private sector, and new ways to address policy and regulation.
  • Deep consumer insights are central to providing better financial health offerings. Measuring what works to improve the financial health of customers, employees, and communities allows organizations to build solutions that meet customer needs and show impact over time.

How We Work

  • We conduct and share research and analysis to better understand both the financial health challenges of low- to moderate-income people and the market opportunity in serving them successfully.
  • We provide tools and benchmarks to help organizations measure, manage, and improve the financial health of their customers, employees, and communities, and encourage action to improve results over time.
  • We consult with organizations to uncover valuable insights and design strategies to drive measurable results for businesses and customers.
  • We support and invest in innovation that helps drive scalable impact, from fintech startups to partnerships and collaborations.
  • We offer membership services to provide customized support to and facilitate connections between organizations that are developing financial health solutions.

Our Core Values

The culture of our organization contributes directly to the impact of our work.  Our approach is based on a series of core values, including:


  • We work on behalf of our core beliefs and recognize the potential impact of our work on millions of people.
  • We thoughtfully measure the success of our work and seek constant improvement.


  • We apply fresh approaches and new thinking when executing our work.
  • We encourage strategic, thoughtful risk-taking.
  • We challenge assumptions and seek out new ideas.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • We strive to sustain a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment that allows all of our employees to feel welcome, safe, heard and valued.



  • We are results-driven, highly productive, and move decisively.
  • We actively seek feedback.
  • We demand the best from ourselves and our colleagues and hold ourselves accountable.
  • We celebrate success – and then set the bar higher.


  • We are authentic, honest and communicate openly.


  • We are personally invested in the success of the Financial Health Network and the achievement of its mission.