Our Impact

In 2004, we set out to shine a spotlight on the tens of millions of Americans who were falling through the cracks of the traditional banking system. The Financial Health Network was founded to catalyze innovation in the financial services industry to meet the needs of the underbanked, and has since launched ground-breaking research and built an incredible network of like-minded partners and providers. We have advised some of the largest brands in the financial services industry on products and strategy development, which in turn has improved the lives of millions of Americans.

Impact by the Numbers

• 165 million customers served by our 138 network members

• 47 million customers are low- to moderate-income consumers

• Over 20 million customers served by (21) 2017 Financial Health Leaders – can we update to more current stat?

• Over 5 million customers have had their financial health measured

Financial Health: Building it Together

We are pleased to share our first-ever impact report highlighting the numbers and stories of progress behind our mission to improve the financial health of Americans. While individual successes count, we are stronger together, and the Financial Health Network’s  members are collectively reaching millions of Americans through improved products, services, and innovation.

Behind the Numbers

138 Members

  21 2017 Financial Health Leaders

  Over 50% of members have participated in 8 working groups

$4.1 Million in funding raised since 2014

  70 pieces of published research

  Over 70 events hosted, including EMERGE: Financial Health Forum

  Since 2014, "financial health", has seen over 500,000 media mentions, resulting in over 6 million impressions

Since 2015, 26 companies selected to participate in the Financial Solutions Lab from over 1,000 applicants

  FinLab winners raised an additional $130 million in follow-on investments and reached 1.3 million more customers

93 engagements in since 2014

  900 people participated in FinX empathy-building exercise

  4.6 out of five overall satisfaction reported by consulting clients in the last 12 months