Short-Term Savings Small Group

This Small Group explores how short-term savings – a key challenge for many individuals – intersect with other f financial products and topics like long-term savings, retirement, small dollar credit, the workplace, and small business. Join a unique peer-learning environment to share, in real time, what works for short-term savings. This Small Group also informs efforts to build, implement, or modify short-term savings solutions for customers or employees.

Who Should Join?

This group is open to all Members interested in learning more about short-term savings challenges, trends, and solutions, including financial service providers or any other organizations interested in advancing short-term savings solutions.

How to Get Involved

Please express your interest in joining the Short-Term Savings Small Group by filling out the form below. Members can submit ideas for future meetings, or participate as panelists to share insights and learnings about implementing savings solutions. Members of this Small Group – especially those who are testing and learning from their own short-term savings solutions – will have opportunities to influence Financial Health Network initiatives.

The Short-Term Savings Interest Group is supported by BlackRock.